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Purpose These procedures are called during migration of V7.3.x to V8.0.2 using the export/import utilities: the import utility will call it
They are private functions to be released in PL/SQL binary form and are shared by a snapshot and master partitions.

Why they are still hanging around in version 20c is a total mystery given that every other piece of Advanced Replication has been dropped from the product.
STANDARD (only)    
Documented No
First Available Not known
Security Model Owned by SYS with EXECUTE granted to the IMP_FULL_DATABASE role
Source {ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/admin/dbmshrmg.sql
After a V8 import, this procedure is called to clean up any V7 replication objects (mlog$_%, triggers) that require modification

Overload 1
dbms_repcat_mig.cleanup_import(dump_version IN NUMBER);
exec dbms_repcat_mig.cleanup_import(19.5);

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
After a full replicated db import, this routine is invoked to perform any necessary cleanup

Overload 2
dbms_repcat_mig.cleanup_import(expseal IN VARCHAR2);
Called after doing a full import of a database with replicated data dbms_repcat_mig.post_import;
exec dbms_repcat_mig.post_import;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
Called before doing a full import of a database with replicated data dbms_repcat_mig.pre_import;
exec dbms_repcat_mig.pre_import;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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